From Shawn in Hartford, CT

What can I say?!! The nipple cups I ordered have definitely done their job! I was born with inverted nipples, and it never really bothered me until recently. For both aesthetic and functional reasons, I wanted to have longer, thicker nipples that stayed out even without stimulation. Once I saw them, I knew these cups would be perfect for my goal. They were inexpensive and easy to use, and before I knew it, I was on my way to achieving my perfect nipples. Thanks NaughtyPumps for the excellent work!

-Shawn H.

From Kelly in Portland, OR

I never knew about the pleasures of having my girl parts enlarged and never would have tried it on my own to be honest. After all, wearing pants with big fat vulva is a bit challenging, talk about a pronounced camel toe!

Being pumped is really very intense and wonderful. The suction causes a sensation that is similar to what women sometimes feel in their vulva in the first couple days during their menses, it is a fullness with pressure that awakens the nerve endings and they say Hi! I want to play! During the pumping process, the vacuum within the cup pulls at the vulva in a wonderful way. Throughout the pumping time, mother nature reacts to this by sending out creamy moisture which can obviously come in handy once the pumping is finished.

I’m not sure what part I enjoy more, the pumping process or what comes when the pump is removed. Being touched with large pumped up vulva is fantastic and the clit is very sensitive as well. A small soft touch goes a long way and oh my, a tongue, yes please, right there! All of this is particularly amazing when my pumper is adoring of my meatiness. Having sex while in this state is incredible and wonderfully satisfying and very conducive to some intensely noisy orgasms.

It’s really nice that the swelling goes down overnight usually but it is definitely relative to how big you get pumped up. The puffier you get, the longer it will take to get back to normal. This is a fantastic alternative for those of you that want to be inflated but don’t want to use saline. The cups I use are made by none other than Pumpmaker and they are awesome. Comfortable, stylish, unencumbered by tubes, gages and things hanging off of the cups. With a good seal, I can get up and walk around, granted I hear “I wanna be a cowboy, and you can be my cowgirl” playing in my head but hey, I can get up and get some sake and oj while the cup is on.

I encourage all to try it. I can’t speak for the pleasures of pumping a woman but don’t doubt this can be used in a D/s sense and an aspect of pain can be brought into it. The pumper will bring great satisfying, noisy, messy pleasure to the pumpee! Venture into it and enjoy.

-Kelly L

From Joe in Green Bay, WI

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful penis pump you made for me. I suppose I should explain why.

About 12 years ago I was diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. It was intermittent at first but changed for the worse over the next year or so. I was happy when Viagra came out and was able to use it with wonderful results. My wife of 27 years was happy and although the pills made it difficult for me to ejaculate I was able to satisfy her through intercourse.

I was disappointed to be diagnosed with heart difficulties resulting from my type 2 diabetes and was put on nitrates by my doctor. I was hurt. Since you’re not suppoed to combine Viagra and nitrates I had to stop using the Viagra. My ED was now an issue in my lovemaking again. I bought alot of dildos and vibrators for my wife but we both missed the personal closeness of intercourse.

I had heard of penis pumping before but dismissed it because it seemed silly to try and my doctor didn’t recommend it. Last year I started seeing a urologist who suggested it as an option. I was surprised. He said that getting one would be covered by my health insurance but that it would only cover half of the cost. Most of the penis pumps that are available medically are over $300. Both me and my wife are on fixed incomes so every penny counts. I looked for cheaper alternatives and was directed to your website. I was happy to see that your pumps were so inexpensive. I don’t know if you remember me, but I ordered a 2 inch by 8 inch pump with green and yellow on the top and bottom.

Anyway I just want to tell you that with your advice and your penis pump and a cock ring I was able to make love to my wife last week for the first time in over 10 years.

I thank you so very much and will recommend you and your products to anyone who asks.

-Joseph M

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